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FBA Prep - Best Practices 2024

FBA Prep

As a third-party seller on Amazon, the allure of tapping into Prime customers through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is undeniable. However, navigating Amazon's intricate set of rules and regulations can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, there's a solution: leveraging professional fulfilment services or third-party Amazon prep centre UK can significantly simplify the FBA process.

When utilising FBA for online order fulfilment, sellers often encounter challenges such as sending / prepping goods, inventory management complexities, and the risk of stockouts. These hurdles can hinder the efficiency and profitability of your Amazon business. That's where FBA prep services come into play.

FBA prep services, offered by professional Amazon pep centres UK , are tailored to streamline every aspect of your Amazon inventory preparation. From ecommerce product inspection to packing and shipping, these services ensure that your products meet Amazon's stringent requirements while minimizing the risk of errors and delays.

Preparing your products for the journey through Amazon's fulfilment network is key and also a requirement by Amazon – it requires ample protection and clear identification to navigate smoothly through the system.

FBA Prep in a nut shell is the preparation of items to be able to be..

  • Transporting it to Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre

  • Moving it within the Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres

  • Shipping it to the customers

Amazon FBA has clear FBA prep requirements for such transition.

1. Polybagging: For any cloth items, polybagging shields items against dust and dirt. Compliance with suffocation warning specifications is crucial for all plastic bags. After all you would not want to receive a dusty teddy bear that has been sat in a Amazon warehouse for a period of time.

2. Bubble Wrapping: Providing protection against drop tests and preventing sharp edges from causing harm to workers or machinery.

3. Wrapping and Taping: Essential for securing boxes and preventing them from opening during transit. This is particularly vital for perforated boxes that must withstand drop tests.

Labelling services are equally important and may involve:

1. Suffocation Warning Labels: Necessary for plastic bags lacking printed warnings, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

2. Set Notices: Informing Amazon FBA staff not to break down the units and advising that they are sold as a set.

3. Relabelling: When required over new bubble wrapping or polybaging, ensuring accurate product identification and compliance.

4. FNSKU Labels: Amazon's proprietary barcodes for efficient tracking and inventory management within their system. 5. Blank labelling: Covering any existing product barcodes so that Amazon staff do not scan the wrong barcodes.

Most Amazon prep centres UK offering FBA Prep Services, have different set out pricing for their FBA prep services. This can range from per unit pricing, work under taken, hourly rates or in FastPack FBAs case a banded system that works out 80% cheaper than other unit based pricing. This pricing structure ensures that you receive tailored services suited to your specific requirements, optimising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In essence, investing in professional FBA Prep Services not only ensures compliance with Amazon's standards but also streamlines your operations, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and maximising your success on the platform. Software can also be used as part of you Amazon FBA business to help maximise profits. Watchout for: Some FBA Prep services will advertise cheap prep prices and have hidden higher fees.

FBA Prep

Which product types are the most challenging for FBA Prep?

Items that are fragile, heavy/oversized, hazardous, or are grocery goods with expiration dates, require special attention. Expiration dates need to be displayed and visible to Amazon staff.

When you are packing your products, think about safety, efficiency, and consistency, and always abide by Amazon’s recommended guidelines

How important is it to comply with FBA Prep requirements? 

Effective utilisation of FBA hinges greatly on your packaging practices. Non-compliance with Amazon's packaging requirements can have serious consequences.

Failure to adhere to these standards may lead to the rejection, disposal, or return of your inventory. In severe instances, it can result in the suspension of your selling privileges.

FastPack FBA FBA Prep 

When it comes to out sourcing your FBA Prep you want a Amazon prep centre UK that has experience in the industry. FastPack FBA has been a leader in the felid since 2016 and we have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to FBA Prep. We offer great banded pricing that works out 80% more cost effective that most FBA Prep suppliers. View our FBA Prep services here.

FBA Prep


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