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FastPack | E-commerce Logistics & Professional Services

We're here to help you scale your Amazon business by outsourcing your operations

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Spend time on what really matters

Your Prep Centre Should Be A Partnership

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    48 Hour Turn Around!

    Once a shipment is ready to go, our logistics centre works quickly and efficiently to get it out the door. Our 48-hour turnaround time means that your shipment will be on its way as soon as possible.

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    Flat Pricing Structure

    No awkward tiered pricing! Our flat pricing structure comes in cheaper than 80% of prep centres and makes factoring prep into your sourcing a dream!

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    Direct Communication

    No matter what time of day or night it is, our team is always available to support you via Slack. Whether you have a quick question or need help with something more complex, we're here to help 24/7.

Our Service Portfolio

48 Hour Shipments ~ 24/7 Slack Channel~ Shipment Creation ~ Audit ~ Box Pictures ~ Coaching/Mentoring ~ Wholesale Support ~ Suspension Advice ~ Issue Resolution ~ Dangerous Goods ~ Ungating ~ Pallets ~ Affiliate Scheme


Our Clients Know We Care

FastPack have allowed me to scale my business through increasing inventory purchases whilst not becoming a strain on my time as there was only ever so much prep i would have been able to do myself.

Ruben C, London United Kingdom

I signed up with FastPack in Q4 last year which was a great decision. I was able to get stock in to Amazon in good time and my business grew. The team are all helpful and will deal with queries posed by myself or my team. Communication is excellent too.

Lorraine D, London United Kingdom

Finally removed myself as the bottleneck and have trusted FastPack FBA with the prepping. Best decision to date on my Amazon journey

Steven C, London United Kingdom


We make it look easy

The FastPack FBA 5 Step Process

  • Step 1

    Your purchased stock is sent to one of our prep centres (assigned by your dedicated Account Manager). Next, notify us of your purchase using your dedicated online inventory tracker.

  • Step 2

    We receive your goods, performing an audit vs your order notification to ensure there are no missing/damaged units (we will notify you of any and provide evidence for you to chase up with your supplier).

  • Step 3

    Using permissioned access, our free of charge “Seller Central Concierge” service creates and manages the FBA Shipment Workflow for your goods. After this, we complete the required prep, re-audit the units and ready them for delivery to Amazon via UPS.

  • Step 4

    After a final unit audit, your stock is sent via scheduled UPS collection the next working day – you will receive a notification of this from your Account Manager.

  • Step 5

    Your FastPack journey is complete, time for profit! For billing, we will send you an invoice for the services rendered every month (prep, returns, any bespoke services etc).

Why us?

Why choose FastPack FBA?

  • Industry Experience

    Both directors have years of experience running Online Arbitrage and Private Label businesses across all European Amazon Marketplaces. This allows us to anticipate your business needs and gives us the necessary skills to deliver the best possible service.

  • Security Is Our Priority

    All goods stored with us are fully insured and under 24/7 surveillance. All employees are legally bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to prevent “product hijacking” and maximise your peace of mind.

  • No Hidden Fees

    Our pricing is simple: all our core services are provided at a flat fee. No additional cost for polybagging or bubble-wrapping. … As for bundling, we charge a flat 50p for the service.

  • "You Grow, We Grow” mentality

    As your fulfilment provider, we succeed when you succeed. As such, we at FastPack work tirelessly to provide you with services such as: FREE Growth mentoring, EXCLUSIVE client-only deal sheets (10+ OA deals per day), bespoke services, 24/7 customer support and more!

  • Value for Money Obsessed

    We’re obsessed with providing our clients the best value for money possible. For example, our CLIENT ONLY deal sheet currently has over £37,000 WORTH OF QUALITY OA DEALS - access is yours as standard. We also strive to SAVE YOU MONEY by reusing shipping boxes wherever possible (and even palletising shipments on request).

  • No More Shipment Creation!

    Because shipment creation is so critical to a quick turnaround (and often hours of hassle per month) we'll take care of it for you! As part of onboarding, our clients give us permissioned access to the “Manage Inventory” area of Seller Central and we handle the process for you. With permissioned access, we WON'T have access to any of your sensitive personal/business data but WILL be able to give you a completely hands-off experience until your products show up at Amazon.

No Deceptive Pricing!

We don't stagger our pricing model depending on the prep which works out cheaper than 80% of competitors!

Pricing Plans

Our flexible plans for the needs of all FBA businesses

  • Best plan for you

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    Our Standard Plan with no joining fee and only £19.99 for your first month. No awkward tiered pricing - perfect to help you source more effectively.

  • Best plan for you

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    You've reached 1500 units per month? Congrats! Our Commercial team will sit down and price you an extremely competitive offer - up to 30% off your monthly bill. Get in touch!

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